September’s Artist of the Month: Arcell Salunga

We like our cafe to be filled with heavenly 4oz donuts, delicious ‘spro, frothy iced lattes, and damn good art. We have high ceilings, a loft, and enough wall space to feature both big and small art pieces. Every month we search and find local artists to showcase their beautiful masterpieces. This month we are featuring Arcell Salunga, an artist born and raised in the Philippines but who later moved to the states in his later years. We asked him a few questions about his practice and what inspires him.

How did you start painting? What inspired you? 

I’ve always had a passion for art and was a skilled drawer at a young age. I picked up painting back in 2015 when I had saved up enough money to buy a canvas and paint supplies to see where my skills were at the time. I was inspired by other artists such as Todd James, John Wesley, and Kaws.

Tell me about the art that is displayed at First Avenue Coffee. What was the goal/intention? 

It was my first time having my paintings displayed in public so I wanted to see how people would reciprocate it. Ultimately my goal for all paintings is to spark emotion and make people feel good.

How has your practice changed over time? 

My practice has changed drastically by how my mindset was. In the beginning, I was just making art for the sake of my own interest, but now it’s become bigger than that. I’ve realized the power of art and how it can inspire and uplift others.

What is integral to your work? 

The most integral thing about my work is the attention to detail. I strive to produce the cleanest work I possibly can and to never take shortcuts on any of my pieces.

Do you pursue any themes? 

The theme I pursue is to try to illustrate emotions in all my pieces. I feel like too much of our day consists of non-stop thinking and I want my audience to take a moment away from that and just feel something unique to that person when they view my work.

Come check out his artwork before the month of September ends. Don’t forget that all paintings are for sale. 

Contact Arcell or check out his other work via Instagram: @arcell.salunga

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