Get To Know Our Artist of the Month: Madison

This month is really special for us- with to-go orders only, we are so happy to be able to have beautiful paintings for you to enjoy while you wait for your latte or drip. Here are some questions we asked Madison for y’all to get to know her and her art.

How did you start painting? What inspired you? 

I’m an entirely self-taught artist. Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawing with mostly graphite and charcoal until about five years ago. I was craving color amidst the monochrome palettes I’d become accustomed to for so long. I decided to experiment with a cheap set of acrylic paints and a few second-hand paint brushes and dove into a colorful world of water, binders, and pigments. 

Overall, the landscapes of the PNW have heavily influenced my art. Painting a mountain is almost as exciting as being in the presence of one. 

Tell me about the art that is displayed at First Avenue Coffee. What was the goal/intention? 

The art displayed at 1st Ave is a mixture of expression. My Alpine Meadow acrylic series was a bit of an experimentation with large, bold brush strokes after being so immersed in the intricacies of watercolor painting for an extended period of time. The collection hanging in the coffee shop mixes a bit of the old with the new, demonstrating my own creative growth and curiosities. 

How has your practice changed over time? What is integral to your work?

Creating art for me is very much like putting a part of me on paper or canvas. It’s a soulful experience propelled by my love and admiration for the natural world here in this beautiful state. Being immersed in the forest, or on a mountain top or near the ocean always ignites my creative spirit. Often, I’ll pack my watercolors with me and paint a special vista I’d found on a hike or adventure. One of my favorite experiences was painting the incoming tide atop a jetty with sea water as waves crashed around me. 

Do you pursue any themes? What do you enjoy creating the most? 

Though I try, capturing grand mountains, forests, rivers or seascapes with pigment and paint brushes hardly does justice to the sheer wonder of the earth we inhabit. Through my painting, I hope to convey the sense of magic I experience in each outing or adventure with hopes that others may cultivate the same experience and be inspired to seek that for themselves.

For price, commissions and other inquiries, check out Madison’s Instagram .

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