Brand spanking new pour-overs!

We are loving our Pour Over Program, which features a range of wildly delicious coffee that suits all palettes. We like to handpick coffees that range from light to medium to dark. On the menu, you will see our F-Bomb, Viva La Noche, Colombia Tabi Honey, Brazil Sweet Blue, and Ethiopian Nano Genji. Did you catch the two new coffees? That’s right, we added two new pour overs on the menu- Colombia Tabi Honey and Brazil Daterra Sweet Blue. 


Situated 1,150 meters above sea level, “Sweet Blue” is processed using a pulp-natural method before it is vacuum-sealed in 12 kilo bags to preserve freshness. The Daterra Coffee project was planned to produce specialty coffee grounded on environmental preservation and social development. Daterra’s Luis Pascoal met Dr. Ernesto Illy, who inspired him to look for lands in Cerrado Mineiro to reconceive the ecosystem within the farm and surroundings. 

This beautiful Brazil is clean, full-bodied and robust. Full of sweet nuttiness, along with a chocolatey body, offering a smooth finish that tastes like dried fruit and figs. Try it with one of our homemade nut butter donuts for an extra nutty experience. 


La Pradera Hacienda Cafetera can be found near the Cordillera Oriental Eastern Mountain Range in Aratoca, Santander, Colombia. Oscar Daza, third generation, assumes leadership of La Pradera. Near the crop are beautiful anaco, bucaro guamo, oak, avocado, tangerine, banana and other tree varieties that provide shade. Tabi is a variety that was developed by crossing Bourbon and Typica to have greater natural resistance to disease. This Tabi goes through a honey process which begins by washing ripe cherries to remove dirt, then depulping cherries to separate the bean from the pulp. Mucilage is then left on the cherries as they dry, creating a sweet, fruity cup of coffee. 

Colombia Tabi has a jam-like sweetness that turns into mango, orange marmalade, and butter cookie. Every sip gets sweet and buttery. This is a unique enough coffee that tastes incredible by itself, but pair it with a funfetti cookie to have a little celebration in your mouth. 

Ask your barista next time you’re in for a recommendation for a cup crafted to your tastebuds!

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