Coffees of the World: Thailand

This Saturday Ryan’s series of “Coffees of the World” will feature the exotic delights of Thailand.  Ryan learned first hand how to make these delicious coffees while traveling through Thailand.  Class starts at 10am!

Friday Cupping: Sourcing

Friday at 10:00am, Roast House’s Green Buyer and Head Roaster will be walking us through why sourcing organic, ethically traded within high trust relationships is so vital to us and the global industry.

Coffees of the World; Italy

You asked, we delivered. This month we’ll be alternating our weekly classes between Friday and Saturdays.  This Saturday Ryan starts his “Coffees of the World” class featuring Italy.  Ryan will be breaking down the in’s and out’s of the influences the Italian culture have on our coffee today.  Class starts at 10am!

First Friday with Harmony Arts

We’re excited to announce our March artists of the month; Alice and Chuck Harmon.  Let’s meet them:

Alice Harmon, artist

Alice Harmon was born into a creative family and has been painting her whole life.  She has painted murals, large and small canvases, and everything in between.  If she thinks it, she paints it.  Not confined to a “style”, Alice enjoys painting with bright colors.  She believes that paintings should make the viewer happy. Contact Alice at

At the urging of his wife Alice, Chuck Harmon started painting around 2009, after a couple of unrelated careers.  Surprised with the acceptance of his work, he went on to show at a number of galleries in Spokane.  Since joining River Ridge Association of Fine Arts, he’s taken advantage of all of their venues.

Chuck is an inveterate volunteer.   Until recently, he handled the publicity for RRAFA.  He’s curated a number of venues around town.  Currently he’s a member at New Moon Gallery, where he teaches classes in the “art of the pour.”


F Bomb Coffee Club

Our Mission is to fulfill a need in Spokane to support female business owners and leaders. The F* Bomb Coffee Club is a safe place for women with drive, passion and foul language to come together and share their struggles and accomplishments, motivate, bitch, ask for advice, and celebrate one another. Here, success is not a bad word. We don’t hold each other back. We push each other and provide the support for each member to meet their full potential.