Coffees of the World; Greece

This week Ryan will be taking us to Greece!  While traveling through Greece Ryan discovered the amazing world of Freddo coffees.  Want to know what a Freddo coffee is, well, you should probably come and experience them for yourself.

Brew Methods; Frieling French Press

Have you been looking for a new coffee gadget for your home? Need a cool wedding gift?? This Friday and Saturday we’ll be discovering the world of the Frieling French Press. Class start at 10am!

Coffees of the World: Thailand

This Saturday Ryan’s series of “Coffees of the World” will feature the exotic delights of Thailand.  Ryan learned first hand how to make these delicious coffees while traveling through Thailand.  Class starts at 10am!

Friday Cupping: Sourcing

Friday at 10:00am, Roast House’s Green Buyer and Head Roaster will be walking us through why sourcing organic, ethically traded within high trust relationships is so vital to us and the global industry.

Coffees of the World; Italy

You asked, we delivered. This month we’ll be alternating our weekly classes between Friday and Saturdays.  This Saturday Ryan starts his “Coffees of the World” class featuring Italy.  Ryan will be breaking down the in’s and out’s of the influences the Italian culture have on our coffee today.  Class starts at 10am!