Coffee, 3 Ways!

We’ve got your home brewing tools covered!  This Saturday we’ll be tasting our house blend in 3 different brewing methods, Aeropress, French Press, and ceramic filter.

Cupping Returns!

Is there such a thing as too much coffee?  Let’s find out together as we taste through 8 of our current offerings.  Fun starts at 10am!

First Friday w/ Lisa Maus

LISA V MAUS is a life-long painter, beginning her study in oils as a young child.  She won her first award in the fourth grade with presidential recognition that shocked everyone including Lisa. Her passion for nature was brought on by spending time on her families vineyards with her brothers and sisters. She has been on the cover of over 45 magazines, wine labels and books throughout the Northwest. Today her stunning landscapes and vineyard scenes are interpretative with bold color and playful rhythms that have a stunning visual impact. Her frequent travels throughout the Northwest and vineyards from around the world have given her numerous outlets to play with. Lisa V’s unique painting style has become known as Bold Impressionism, with collectors from around the world eagerly anticipating her next work.  As a unique artist with bright and playful colors, Lisa has gained recognition as a prolific, modern master of impressionism.  You can purchase her work through The Lisa V Gallery, located in Sandpoint Idaho, Studio 107 in Coeur D Alene Idaho and Dolphin Galleries in Hawaii.

Marimba and Coffee Tasting

We’re excited to be hosting the Stevens Elementary Marimba band this Friday. Along with some incredible music we will also be doing an African coffee tasting with our sister roaster, Roast House Coffee.  Fun starts at 10am!

Coffees of the World; Germany

Are you ready for coffee and a story??? This week Ryan takes us to Germany, shares the tale of the Capuchin Monks and serves up the German classic, Rüdesheimer Coffee. Class starts at 10am, and, as always, is FREE!!