Friday Cuppings: Minute by Minute Roast

Come cup with us Friday‘s 10am-11am. Minute by minute we pulled samples from a roast. This week’s cupping will focus on showcasing how roast can positively or negatively influence your cup.

First Friday with Paiton McDuffie

Paiton Elisabeth is the creative being behind “Between You & the Wind” – her personal brand named after her favorite line in the book “Jitterbug Perfume” by author Tom Robbins. Born in Atlanta and raised in Marietta, she recently moved to Spokane to fulfill her lifelong dream of living in the Upper Left.
She studied at a small technical school (then known as Southern Polytechnic State University) and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in New Media Arts. When she isn’t painting, she works as the lead web designer, social media, and email marketing coordinator for The Woodshop – a marketing and design agency in downtown Spokane. Other hobbies include exploring the outdoors, hanging out at the dog park with her Australian Shepherd Koda, or enjoying a movie at home.
Paiton’s non-objective abstract artworks are largely inspired by her mood at the time, the music she listens to while painting, and whatever tools are most readily at hand. She often finds using a cloth, paper towels, palette knives, or her own fingers are more effective than conventional paint brushes in applying paint to canvas. Blues and greens are her favorite palette to work with and she feels most compatible with the emotions that cool colors evoke. Rather than creating representational images, Paiton produces abstract work so that each viewer can form his or her own interpretation of the piece without any extraneous implications. By leaving the works up for subjective explanation, she believes it allows viewers to forge a more personal and intimate connection with the work.
For more information or for inquiries, please contact Paiton via her website at

Friday Cupping: One of Everything!

This Friday at 10am, we’re tasting everything we have on the menu. Our sister company and roaster counterpart, Roast House, helps us curate a special selection of seasonal single origins. Come taste what we have on offer now.

F Bomb Coffee Club

Our Mission is to fulfill a need in Spokane to support female business owners and leaders. The F* Bomb Coffee Club is a safe place for women with drive, passion and foul language to come together and share their struggles and accomplishments, motivate, bitch, ask for advice, and celebrate one another. Here, success is not a bad word. We don’t hold each other back. We push each other and provide the support for each member to meet their full potential.

Spokane Women’s March

We’ll be serving up free coffee and cocoa along the march route.  Come say “hi” to Deb and Kristen!!