First Friday with Eric Rau and Anna Rau

Born in Southern California and raised in North Idaho, Eric Rau grew up in a home full of artistic expression, with the ability to naturally explore a variety of mediums. As young as age 11, he was winning state art competitions in his division and continued to do so through out high school. A passion for art, combined with his love of nature and being outdoors took him to the University of Idaho to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology. After two years of study and a semester break spent traveling and exploring the culture and Art museums of Europe, he returned to the University and completed a Fine Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking. 

Rau translates his outdoor experiences to his artwork in an abstract-expressionist style to represent the relationship between humans and nature and the places we inhabit.  As his work has evolved, the artist has begun to incorporate images that highlight the pressures and compromises that modern society places on our landscape. He hopes that his art acts as a catalyst for discussion about the relationships between man and nature, and the impact each has on the other. 


Coffees of the World; Greece

This week Ryan will be taking us to Greece!  While traveling through Greece Ryan discovered the amazing world of Freddo coffees.  Want to know what a Freddo coffee is, well, you should probably come and experience them for yourself.

Brew Methods; Frieling French Press

Have you been looking for a new coffee gadget for your home? Need a cool wedding gift?? This Friday and Saturday we’ll be discovering the world of the Frieling French Press. Class start at 10am!

Coffees of the World: Thailand

This Saturday Ryan’s series of “Coffees of the World” will feature the exotic delights of Thailand.  Ryan learned first hand how to make these delicious coffees while traveling through Thailand.  Class starts at 10am!

Friday Cupping: Sourcing

Friday at 10:00am, Roast House’s Green Buyer and Head Roaster will be walking us through why sourcing organic, ethically traded within high trust relationships is so vital to us and the global industry.