Behind your mug of damn good coffee

We know your morning routine- get out of bed, throw on some warm clothes, maybe wipe the frost off of your windshield, and drive to First Avenue Coffee. We know our morning routine- get out of bed, throw on some clothes, listen to some tunes on our drive to First Avenue Coffee, open up the shop, and dial in the drip/espresso. That’s right- we dial in our espresso and drip every day! 

Dialing in Drip

The term “dialing in” refers to the process of balancing the amount of coffee, grind size, output weight and extraction time in order to serve you the best damn cup of coffee. That tasty cup of coffee that you drink every morning requires a lot of science and math. We take into consideration grind size, coffee : water ratio, water temperature, and pulsing of the water used to brew the pot. 

We change our drips throughout the season while always maintaining sustainably sourced and locally roasted coffees from Roast House. You can always count on a dark roast and something fun to mix up your morning routine. Currently, we are serving two blends, Winter Brew and Coast to Coast. Our Winter Brew is made up of natural-process Ethiopia, women-produced Colombia Finca Santa Maria, and our classic Italian (a dark roast Nicaraguan). The initial sip coats the tongue with rich chocolate, almost like chocolate ice cream. After another sip, the coffee tastes like gingerbread and dried cherry. As the coffee cools down, it gets sweeter and tastes like mixed berries along with slight rooibos tea, creating a delightful cup of coffee for any type of weather. 

Our Coast to Coast is a blend of Ethiopia Dimtu Tero and Peru Rutas del Inca. Expect a massive amount of chocolate and caramelized sugars brightened with a juicy acidity reminiscent of perfectly ripe pears. The finish is filled with butter toffee and juicy stone fruits ranging from peach to apricot.

Dialing in Espresso

So, what does it mean to dial in espresso? It is pretty similar to drip but there are more variables since espresso is pulled more frequently. Plus, equipment settings are important for creating a perfect formula. Luckily, our Modbar espresso allows us to have full control of our espresso extraction. We dial in our espresso by considering roast profile, coffee:water ratio, yield, and time. The first stage of dialing in coffee is the grind size- how fine or coarse we want the grind will change the sweetness and strength of the espresso. This varies heavily depending on the origin and roast profile of a coffee. If we pull a shot within our target time range but our output weight is too small or too big, then we are likely to have an unpleasant tasting espresso. For our espresso, we use a house blend of Ethiopia and Sumatra. After we dial in, the result is a chocolate-covered berry that is absolutely dynamite on its own, in an americano or paired in your morning cappuccino!

Whether you need a latte or your morning cup of drip, rest easy knowing we’re up early putting in the work to ensure your cup is the best of the best.

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