We need your support!

Like all of our partners in the food and beverage industry we have been greatly effected by our current “new normal.”  We want you to know that we are taking every precaution to keep our staff and our customers safe during this unprecedented time. We continue to follow the events closely and will modify as needed.  For now, we are open from 7-1pm, Monday-Sunday, serving our damn good coffee, pastries, and nibbles all “to-go.” 

If you can’t make it in, we totally understand, and hope that you will continue to support us by purchasing gift cards for your favorite people who might need a little pick-me-up and a smile!

We thank our amazing community of customers, vendors, and staff….we appreciate you and are here for you!

Damn Good Coffee and Whiskey Class

Every year we pretend to be Irish while our good friends come and show us how proper Irish Coffee is made. Tim, in a previous life served drinks at Buena Vista Cafe, home of the original Irish Whiskey cocktail. This fun and educational class will teach you how to make a proper Irish Coffee along with which coffees, whiskeys, and creams work best for this delicious concoction. Class includes beverages and your very own traditional glass.

This is a 21+ class. Limited spots available, click link for tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/f1rst-avenue-coffee-17593917312

Responsible transportation is advised.

New Pie Alert!

With the overwhelming success of our “Breakfast Pie” we decided to expand our pie game to include a lunch time pie. Introducing our “Roast Beef Pie,” made with our house-made dough, Black Angus roast beef, Tillamook sharp cheddar, and organic cherry tomatoes, this pie is sure to curb your lunchtime and savory cravings. Available now!

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Women’s March 2020

We’re excited to be the coffee sponsor for this years Women’s March 2020! Bring in one of our Pink Hello Kitty stickers and receive BOGO on your coffee drinks!! Stickers will be available at our booth under the Big Red Wagon.

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New Donut!

What happens when your founder wakes up craving a jelly filled powdered sugar donut?? She makes them from scratch! These gluten-free and vegan treats are just the right addition to a cup of our award winning First Avenue Blend drip. Donuts available daily!

First Avenue Foods; The Savory Biscuit

The savory biscuit we make for 1st Ave customers comes right from my  kitchen.  This delicious and satisfying cheesy biscuit checks off all the boxes as the perfect snack with my coffee or wine or salad. Just ask my friends who I’ve abused with every rendition when invited to dinner – mushroom/onion, broccoli/swiss cheese, gruyere/green onion, pancetta/belicino….

Organic foods have always been a priority without any food group restrictions.  I ate everything except for liver – awful, gross stuff (use to stash in my pockets and shoes when served at our family dinners). Though as I’m writing this I’m scratching my head wondering why I didn’t remove grains from my diet years earlier.  

Diabetes and arthritis runs in my family.  Yet it was breast cancer that made me sit back and take a serious look at the foods I was eating and how they supported my immune system or fed the cancer.  Treatment for cancer is horrific. So I wanted to do whatever I could to beat the crap out of it and for me that meant, in part, removing high glycemic index foods and drink.  So goodbye wheat, corn, rice and a slew of my favorite foods.  
Having grown up in an immigrant Italian family, where every meal was an important social occasion and celebration, I was desperate to create those experiences sans grain.  It’s been 5 years.  I continually experiment with new ideas, new ingredients to make myself, friends and family happy and content – cause lets be real – most happy moments include or evolve around food or drink. 

1st Ave features many of the low glycemic, gluten free, keto and vegan foods I eat and want to share with others who choose to change their diets for a healthier life.   

Deb Di Bernardo, Owner

Alldrich’s almond flour, Flour Farm’s (local) gluten free flour 

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